Tuesday, 21 January 2014

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Evan Williams and My Writing Philosophy

“News in general doesn't matter most of the time, and most people would be far better off if they spent their time consuming less news and more ideas that have more lasting import... Even if it’s fiction, it’s probably better most of the time”

These are the words of Evan Williams founder of Blogger, and co-founder of Twitter. Who believes that ideas are what people ought to be mass-consuming. Evan founded the website Medium, a platform that aims to supply ordinary people, and journalists alike with the voice to share their opinions, ideas and stories. 

 Nowadays, 24/7 news feeds us with a flow of information about corrupt politicians, economic catastrophe, and celebrity deaths. This cycle fails to inspire the majority of its readers into coming up with ideas and thoughts on how to solve the dilemmas we are presented with, or supplying the foundations to enhance further innovation. Most people read the news and then feel satisfied with just 'knowing'.

I don't think that knowing is that important. Its the thinking. What the media needs to do more of is supply the reader with more thought-provoking material that gets debate going and people really thinking. By sharing ideas and experiences, others are encouraged to think and develop ideas of their own. This engagement with each others ideas would benefit society massively, and could even help form a better educated, more productive one. 

The Relevance This Has To My Blog

What does this mean? Well my aim for this blog is to write as little fact on the news as possible. I want this blog to become a space for me to analyse things, comment on things, express my views and maybe even to write about some of my experiences. I'd like to set the ball rolling with some of my ideas and thoughts, and see if I can encourage some form of debate on a range of topics.

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